For the clinical application of new brachytherapy sources their dosimetric characteristics must be determined and inserted in the corresponding Treatment Planning System. While for the high energy photon brachytherapy sources (e.g., Ir-192) Monte Carlo (MC) is used for obtaining the corresponding dosimetry data, in the low energy regimen additional validation of the MC derived results should be performed before their clinical implementation.

In the above context, in this project the dosimetric parameters of the new IsoSeed I25.S17plus low energy brachytherapy seed were dermined. The project was seperated into the following actions :

Action 1: Calculation of the dosimetric parameters of the seed using MC simulations following the recommendations proposed in the update of the AAPM TG43 report (TG43-U1). 

Action 2: Experimental determination dosimetry results for the new IsoSeed I25.S17plus I-125 brachytherapy source using TLD dosimeters.

The results from each action were published in the peer reviewed literature.